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Focusing on the Photography Community

Whether you develop your own film in the scarlet light or take your iPhone to task, photography is for everyone. Challenging one another in an online community celebrates art, the art form, and the artist. As a professional photographer, creating an online community on your website can boost your brand awareness.  Amateur, freelance and professional... Read more

How Do You Thank Your Online Store’s Customers?

Your storefront is digital; but your customer appreciation doesn’t have to be. Your online store can break the digital barrier with two words “thank you.” Those two words go a long way to express gratitude. Online Customers are Real Customers Your shopping experience should be as friendly online as you would like it to be... Read more

Content Marketing Tips for Online Communities

Company website: check. Online community: check. Now what? You need a content marketing strategy — and content. How about some easy tips to help form a consistent content marketing plan? We have your back. Publishing once a week can feel like a daunting task. Especially, since you know that participating in your online community means... Read more

Building Psychological Safety in Teams

Teams have online communities to work together. They set up Facebook Groups, Slack Channels, and even PeepSo Communities. But if leadership doesn’t intentionally create psychological safety, it won’t help your team. You need a framework built by humble and courageous leaders. Build The Framework Positive vibes only. How many times have we said it? Staying... Read more

What If Someone Leaves Your Community?

You’ve worked hard to build your community but now you see people leaving. That can be hard. Here’s the thing: any community — online or off — should allow ebb and flow. It’s really okay. It’s not personal. (But if it was, that’s okay, too. Let them go, but that’s another post.) “Communities shouldn’t be... Read more

Are You Blogging About Your Online Products?

You have an eCommerce store and you’ve optimized your product pages. You have great images, reviews, and stellar copy. Are you blogging about your online products, too? If you’re not, let me just say that you should. It gives you an opportunity to educate, put your brand before potential customers on social media, and it signals to... Read more