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Are You Blogging About Your Online Products?

You have an eCommerce store and you’ve optimized your product pages. You have great imagesreviews, and stellar copy. Are you blogging about your online products, too?

If you’re not, let me just say that you should. It gives you an opportunity to educate, put your brand before potential customers on social media, and it signals to search engines that your website is active and relevant.

“The important thing with a blog as opposed to other digital marketing tools is that it is not just another way to sell superficially or be aggressive to lead people into making a purchase. It is about learning and sharing informative content.”


How Do I Write A Blog Post About My Product?

When writing a blog post about your product take an angle of how this product provides a solution. Do your customers have trouble hiking? Not anymore! Your walking sticks will help them with balance and stamina. Do your customers hate their bicycle seats? No longer! Your seats are superior, lighter, and more comfortable. 

“A simple yet highly effective way to get started with content marketing for your business is to think of all the starting-point queries people have about your products and industry. Using your blog, you can answer these queries as individual articles.”

Neil Patel

Describe the problem and provide the solution. I always imagine I’m on an infomercial late at night on TV or maybe a radio ad on ESPN. It feels cheesy and awkward, but it does help shift your writing style to persuasive copywriting instead of dry reporting or technical documentation. Admittedly, this is a controversial approach in the eCommerce space. However, that mindset will help your mindset and inform the tonality. Have some fun!

How Is a Blog Post Different than the Product Page?

The product page has one purpose: make the sale. While we’re talking about the sale, don’t bury your price or order button. Make it easy for people to purchase. The product page is for a description, prices, shipping information, and other pertinent details. Some features may be included to convince the buyer but, truth be told, they’ve already decided. 

People aren’t robots. They’re stimulated by their brain stem (old brain) and use emotions (limbic system) in purchasing decisions. More often than not, they then do research (neocortex) so they feel that they’re doing their due diligence. It’s the way our brain works. The blog post serves to educate and persuade; the product page features buying details and reviews

“The old brain quickly assesses situations to determine if you are at risk or in danger. If it senses your well-being is in jeopardy, it forces you to react and move away from the potential threat. To break the status quo, you literally have to wake your prospects’ old brain by showing them how their current status quo is untenable, unsustainable, and even unsafe.”

Harvard Business Review

Your Community and eCommerce

People need your products so why not educate, entertain, and embrace the community around them? In combination with regular publishing, your online store will draw people to your site and the community keeps them there. With PeepSo’s EDD and WooCommerce extensions, you can have the best of both worlds — eCommerce and Community.

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I blog almost every day. Is that an overkill?
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Love your blogs @peepso_user_24(Charles Lucas) So informative.
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