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Content Marketing Tips for Online Communities

Company website: check. Online community: check. Now what? You need a content marketing strategy — and content. How about some easy tips to help form a consistent content marketing plan? We have your back.

Publishing once a week can feel like a daunting task. Especially, since you know that participating in your online community means being — well — online. You can easily publish once a week with the following prompts:

  • Highlight A Member Each Month
  • Expand FAQ with In-Depth Articles
  • Invite Members to Guest Post
  • Product and Service Updates

Highlight Members Each Month

You have community VIP members, right? Go beyond the badge with a profile on your blog. This helps others see why they should also become members of your online community.

Consumers do business with people like themselves. This is a way to help bring light to the value of your community while promoting the members who make your online community unique. Everyone has something special about themselves.

Write seven to ten questions and use them for everyone. Be sure to ask something about their personality to let that shine!

Expand FAQ with In-Depth Articles

Frequently asked questions are a good source of content for any type of business or service. It’s the same with online communities — especially when they revolve around products. The questions your members ask should be kept in a Google Doc somewhere so that they can be added to your FAQ page.

In addition to the short answer to members’ questions on a FAQ page, you can take each question and, once a month, write a bit more in-depth. Think 300 words. Include reviews if you have them. It’s a great way to help your site be found, as well. We all like SEO (findability). 

Invite Members to Guest Post

Every member of your online community has something valuable to contribute. You’ve probably already noticed the shining stars. Why not invite them to write for your website?

They have unique perspectives that intrigue new customers. Sometimes the most vocal community members can be your best advocates. This elevates the branding of your online community.

Product and Service Updates

Products and services always have updates and changes. Maybe your pricing is going up (or even down). Perhaps there is a new product on the horizon. Even an improvement to a current product is valuable (rinse and repeat did wonders for the shampoo industry). Your software may have improved documentation. Highlight this in a blog post.

How Will You Market Your Community?

With these four categories, you can easily publish regularly on your website while building your community your way. You have all the tools you need to engage your community. What will be your first post?

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