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Empowering Brand Ambassadors in an Online Community for Fashion

Apparel companies and influencers go together like peanut butter and jelly. At least once a week, I get a comment on an Instagram post asking me to be a brand ambassador. Brand ambassadors are a great way to approach fashion marketing.

In line with this, your clothing line has built up a healthy group of brand ambassadors. They are posting on Instagram, tagging you,  and maybe even blogging. How can you empower them further?

An online community with incentives can grow your brand while empowering your ambassadors. Things like VIP badges, contests and product giveaways, and tool recommendations, all create the vibe you want.

Brand Ambassadors Like Giveaways

Go beyond discussing current trends with giveaways. Teach good branding (quality copy and photography) with contests. Challenge your ambassadors each week to accessorize with the product of the week. Highlighting a product each week aligns ambassadors with your company’s marketing strategy. The top three like-getters can win a bonus product from your company.

Take “Who Wore It Best” from the Red Carpet to your online community. Choose three Instagram posts once a month and allow the community to vote. Highlight that winner in your company’s blog and award the ambassador with a product. You get the idea.

Structured giveaways empower your ambassadors to follow best practices – without having a whole slew of rules. Don’t get me wrong; you should have basic branding guidelines.

Brand Ambassadors Like Recognition

Recognition is definitely part of brand ambassador programs and it’s no different in fashion. Besides the “Who Wore It Best” award, you can assign VIP badges in your PeepSo community. Establish a clear path for ambassadors to become moderators, admins, and even authors on your company blog.

Bragging rights is a huge incentive. Allow up-and-coming independent designers to sit in with your fashion team for a day. This kind of community recognition will go far with your brand’s affinity. Brand ambassadors in fashion love the spotlight.

Empowering your brand ambassadors with education – not just recognition – is the way to mentor a new generation of fashion designers. It may even help your company down the line. Fashion, after all is fickle and dynamic.

Brand Ambassadors Like Tools

What’s the best lighting rig for selfies? How about post-production editing tools? Gadgets, software, and apps are all helpful to empower your brand ambassadors to create quality content – not just content for the sake of content.

Fashionistas can become fashion bloggers, fashion designers, and fashion critics. With the right tools, your brand ambassadors can come into their own. This will cement brand loyalty – the kind that lasts a lifetime.

Empower Your Brand Ambassadors Online

Mentor, equip, and reward your fashion company’s brand ambassadors. With WordPress and PeepSo, your company has all the tools to build an active online community. Create your community your way. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t start today.

About the author: Alexia Torman
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I've been a brand ambassador for past 10 years. Thank you for the insightful article.
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I have a fashion community myself. This is very useful article