Foster Innovation in the Business and Remote Work Community

Connecting and collaborating with business peers seems harder, not easier. With so many social platforms, which is the best? And don’t even get me started on notification fatigue. Am I right? We’re a bit biased here at PeepSo, but we believe hosting a social network on your own website is the best solution. Writing on... Read more

Blogging Basics – What Are Internal Links?

Let’s level up your blogging skills. Publishing articles as part of your community’s content marketing strategy is a great way to build your online community in numbers and in education.  The next topic in this series is internal links. If you missed the last post, we talked about outbound links.  What Are Internal Links? From a... Read more

Blogging Basics – What Are Outbound Links?

Regularly publishing articles is a great way to build your online community. We’ve published quite a few articles in our Blogging Basics series so feel free to check them out. The next topic in our series is outbound links and your authority. If you missed the last post, we discussed what you should write about. What is... Read more

Are Poor Product Images Bringing Your Sales Numbers Down?

When it comes to your online store, load time is key. You only have a few seconds to keep a buyer’s attention before they decide to bounce. Large images are usually the culprit. Shopping is about impulse. Most consumers believe they have researched and chosen the right option. Let’s let them think that. But when... Read more

Are You Updating Product Pages to Include Product Reviews?

In our last post, we talked about product images and the importance of optimizing them. But that’s not all that should be optimized. The product page itself can be more than a step before a shopping cart. Product reviews should be more prominent on your website than being buried on your footer or testimonials page. When it... Read more

What is Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

In a world of not just eCommerce, but digital eCommerce, sometimes you need to protect your digital products. Some of us remember sharing music over Naptster. (Can you believe it was shut down twenty years ago?)  The rights of digital product owners came in the form of DRM. What is Digital Rights Management and how can you... Read more