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What is Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

In a world of not just eCommerce, but digital eCommerce, sometimes you need to protect your digital products. Some of us remember sharing music over Naptster. (Can you believe it was shut down twenty years ago?) 

The rights of digital product owners came in the form of DRM. What is Digital Rights Management and how can you get it? 

What is Digital Rights Management?

When you print a book, your copyright page is easy for anyone to see. It’s the same with a physical album (vinyl is still popular) or software on discs. When the product is digital, however, it’s rather convenient for users to feel that it isn’t theft to copy and share those files.

“DRM technologies enable content publishers to enforce their own access policies on content, such as restrictions on copying or viewing.”


DRM gives digital content creators the same ability to protect their intellectual property that the entertainment and publishing industry has. Who can afford all of those lawyers and their staff? Well, the answer is not many of us. We’re supplementing our income with novels and selling photography on the side. We can’t afford that staff.

Do you need Digital Rights Management?

If you’re creating open source products, DRM isn’t an issue for you. It may be trademark related instead. However, if your digital products are your intellectual property — eBooks, music, art, software — then you will want to protect your work from hackers, illegal sharing, and pirating. 

Creating is rewarding. Digital technology and its increasing affordability has made it easier for photographers, musicians, authors, and software developers to publish their creations. If that’s you, it feels amazing. What doesn’t feel amazing is when someone rips off your product. You feel violated just as if someone came into your home and stole your things. But how do you track them down? Who are the offenders? How can it be proven?

What Is Your ERM Solution?

Our new product for Easy Digital Downloads, EDD Toolbox – DRM File Tagging, has a unique tagging system. This allows you, as the IP owner, to see who shared your files illegally. We wish we could tell you all of the features, but then it wouldn’t be a secret. You know and love the team behind PeepSo so you know our solution is legit.

We are more than happy to schedule a demo of our features. If you’re ready to buy, head on over to our product page. You’ll want to turn on your digital rights for sure. 

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