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Connecting and collaborating with business peers seems harder, not easier. With so many social platforms, which is the best? And don’t even get me started on notification fatigue. Am I right?

We’re a bit biased here at PeepSo, but we believe hosting a social network on your own website is the best solution. Writing on your blog about your experiences as a remote worker or digital nomad is an excellent way to position yourself as an expert. But where is the conversation? Collaboration?

Think of the possibilities. What if you could gather your colleagues together in one social space? Would it be a LinkedIn or Facebook group? Having both would double the work. Where is the best place to share business tips?

Networking and local business groups are great ways to collaborate, learn, and even join forces to gain bigger clients.

Collaborate Together

Collaboration is underrated in our individualistic culture today. Yet there are so many tools for project management, asynchronous communication, and don’t forget email. But when do we really have those moments of epiphany? Do we ever put ourselves in a space where we could brainstorm?

Engaging online in a community that fosters psychological safety is the ideal place. It’s important to business innovation to facilitate these idea spaces. Whether it’s an incubator or a think tank,  innovation depends upon slow hunches and idea collisions.  We can gather together  — in person — but travel costs can become quite a barrier. It lacks spontaneity.

Learn Together

Startup incubators often teach the skills that Business Schools don’t. How do you form your LLC? What should your brand name? How do you hire your first employee? How can you realistically scale? What does that timeline look like.

These pain points for growth feel daunting at the time, but when businesses gather together, they prosper together. Lunch and Learns are a perfect example. We learn from one another by teaching one another.

By learning together in your community of innovators, you can learn from other people’s mistakes and go forward with your own ideas. Launching a new product is scary. Being supported and supporting others in your field is its own reward.

Get Bigger Projects Together

When freelancers team up there is no limit to the size of the project they can win. Assemble your dream team, submit the proposal, and  do the work. You’ll be surprised how often your team referred. Your online community can have groups for projects and recruiting team members. Think of the potential.

Start Your Social Business Network Today

It’s your community, your way with PeepSo. You have all the tools you need to engage your community. Create your community your way. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t start today.

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