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This is the time of year everyone loves to hate: resolutions. What will 2020 look like? We’re all comparing 2009 to 2019 all over social media. Yet, most people understand that resolutions — if they are not achievable goals — don’t work. One of the reasons is a lack of accountability.

A significant predictor of whether people are going to stay on an exercise program is if they have a friend (either an individual or group) who works out with them. Getting people connected to each other is critical.

Tim Church, M.D.

Adding a community to your website keeps your members on your site. With membership, it provides recurring revenue and increases your value.

Community Accountability

Adding people to your community brings people together around your topic. This is important for product and service-based businesses. For example, a business coach has membership clients. 

Business coaches and podcast experts do this often with their Facebook Groups. What if your group lived on your website? People like apps, but adding this element to your online community changes everything. Your accountability partner becomes a friend.

You get a very direct form of accountability. Apps are impersonal, but accountability partner often forms strong friendships as they share their hopes, struggles, dreams, and goals with each other.

Level Up Your Services

It’s great that your coaching program offers a Facebook Group. The truth is that not everyone wants to be on Facebook. Furthermore, you can’t control or own the data on Facebook.

Life and career coaches can level up their recurring revenue by offering members-only access. Add membership to your WordPress website with our Paid Membership Pro integration. On registration, your new community member chooses a plan. Then they can complete their registration and confirm their email address.

Assign Accountability Partners

Help your community’s accountability with either paid staff or volunteer mentors. When people join the group, ask if they want a mentor. This may be done privately with a survey or a sign up form in a public post.

When your coaching service has designated mentors you strengthen the services you provide. This affects both the brand and reputation of your business. More importantly, the chances of your clients reaching their defined success dramatically increases.

Research studies have shown that publicly committing your goals to someone gives you at least a 65% chance of completing them. However, having a specific accountability partner increases your chance of success to 95%.

Benjamin Hardy, PhD

Start Today

It’s your community, your way with PeepSo. Pair members. Reward them with achievements. Make resolutions that stick with achievable goals and accountability.

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